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Monday, May 4, 2009

Verbal and Nonverbal communication

Communication is the process of transferring information from one source to another (wikipedia). There are transmitting information, ideas, or feeling from one person to another.

Communication makes possible for people to share their knowledge, add to it, and pass it on to the next generation. By communicating, each man adds his ideas in the pool of ideas for others to use.

Zulkarnaen, Ir. on education workshop in sumedang told two major part in human face to face communication, verbal communication and nonverbal communication.

Verbal communication consist of::

1. Speech to the target
    - see to the target eye
    - use eye-ball contact

2. Transferring image clearly
    - relevant
    - interesting

3. Be a good listener
    - give an oportunity to the target in order to able receive the message which given us.

And nonverbal communication consist of:

1. Body language
2. Gesture
3. Face ekspresion
4. Not rigid
5. Touching is an effective method

Saturday, May 2, 2009

National Education day

Happy National Education day May 2nd, 2009.

We know, the success of national education is the success of Indonesia children for future. Therefore, let us support the theme of national education day May 2nd, 2009. It is science, technology, and art education ensuring continuity development and improve competitiveness of the nation.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The dream of The Minister of National Education

In an event of SAVE OUR NATION in Metro TV last year, the MInister of National Education of RI, Prof. Dr. Bambang Sudibyo told a dream about goal of our education.

First, all schools have computer laboratory wich is connected to the internet;
Second, all teachers have laptop wich is connected to the internet;
Third, all students have laptop wich is connected to the internet

The begining of his impression to organization of Boedi Oetomo and two figure of education of Ki Hajar Dewantoro and KH Ahmad Dahlan and also struggle of education of his father and his father in law, our the Minister told that education is as effort to change potency to become actuality. All human are awarded by the potency and with the education hences the potency form to become real competention. That way, according to him, education is a methodologies for actuality of potency to become competention and inclusive of there is a change of destiny.

In this bearing, from all education components, teacher is the most dominant influence of education. Because teacher become mediator of student as one who facilitated to change potency, so become competention. For that, a theacher shall be a professional, so that born declaration of teacher as profession by SBY at Dec 2nd, 2004. One year later; it will be followed by law of teacher and lecturer.

Basically, a teacher profession is an occupation from somebody who have skill, educated and trained in teachership education. With considerations and logical policys, profession term interpreted by occupation which needs skill after he finish teachership education of strata 1 (S1) or diploma 4 (D4) and added with additional competention. And then, it appeared certification of teacher which must be followed by all teacher, civil worker or Non-civil worker.

Then, why does the Minister dream it? His answer, applying of information technology (IT) massly which is very needed at educational to go to e-learning. This is absolute. Teachers and also students have to be going with vision of forwards and IT has to be mastered.

Although I use computer of P4 and 1,5Gh connected with SE K300i phone modem and limited only, computerize system viewed is very supports studying and is not be extinct the teacher existence. Because, of self learning system (self learning materials or individualized system of instruction), teacher's ability is still needed, it is only slimmer and a few differing. Such as proposed by The Minister, all teachers is study consultant which facilitate student as subject of learning.

In America, originally of  the idea computerize is refused, because it will add unemployment. But, in pact ex employee can be accomodated in computer factory as effect of computerize, then the idea computerize is accepted by society (Hatfield).

Perhaps, most importantly of information technology does not change fundamental subject. It means, in one side left brain (short term memory) of human remain to be developed with reference to verbal and mathematical ability, on the other side right brain (long term memory) of human ever bring it to matter of creative, imaginative, and value.

Let us realize the dream of The Minister:

  1. all schools have computer laboratory which is conected to the internet
  2. all teachers have laptop which conected to the internet
  3. all students have laptop which conected to the internet.