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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Using Facebook in the School

facebook in the school
Heppell - Whether it is Facebook, MSN Messenger, Bebo, iChat, Skype, YouTube or any other form of social networking - we know our young people are, and will be, using it.

As with all new media, research projects have shown time and again that if young people see a vacant space, they will fill it (and perhaps not always in the most positive way). As the blurring between social and work continues, organisations from universities to work places are using social networks increasingly effectively for work. They often seek for evidence that potential employees or students can be effectively collegiate and understand mutuality - that they can use these new social tools for work and for the workplace.

We need to teach young people the way to use them appropriately, to build their sense of entitlement into a sense of responsibility and to work with them on effective and safe strategies for protection whilst using social media. If we were seeking to develop water safety we wouldn't keep children away from water until they are 16 and then throw them off the pier - similarly with social media, blindly banning them is inappropriate and equally dangerous.

Conversely, if students see social media used in a positive way to enhance learning, it changes the way they perceive these social spaces, which by osmosis become more educational - who wouldn’t want that?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sumedang Daily Photo is on Instagram

You can find Sumedang Daily Photo on Instagram now. You can follow us at @fotosumedang or in a hastag #fotosmd or its gallery at Webstagram. We hope you are happy.