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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

dot TK - rename the URL

Dot TKEver wondered about an easy way to communicate long web addresses to your friends? Or are you getting complaints from people when you have emailed a long web address, and they had to cut and paste the URL back together? With Dot TK you can rename any web address into an easy-to-remember short domain name.

Dot TK is a joint venture of the Government of Tokelau, a country in the South Pacific, the countries communication company Teletok and BV Dot TK, a privately held company. The Government of Tokelau has appointed BV Dot TK as the exclusive registration entity. BV Dot TK is doing business as the Dot TK Registry.

Dot TK is well known for giving away FREE domain names. On top of that with Dot TK, If you register for a domain, and you elect to register it as yours with your registered email address, you can also attract more visitors to your domain. For FREE! And Dot TK provides the Dot TK Traffic Check in My Dot TK, where you can track not only the number of visitors to your website, but also their country of origin.

And then, if you do create your TiKilink, your website will also be optimized for search engines. This way your website will attract even more visitors. Best of all: creating a TiKilink is FREE!

Hom do I start?

  • Sign up for one or more Dot TK domain names (email address required)
  • Go to My Dot TK and login with your email address and password
  • Go to TiKinet
  • Create your TiKilink
  • Get more visitors to your website

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